Awards (total 60)

3 x FIAP gold medal, 3 x FIAP silver medal, 3 x FIAP bronze medal and 9 blue ribbons

3x GPU Gold medal, 3x GBU Silver medal, 3xGBU bronze medal and 9 GPU ribbons

AFCC (Association of Finnish Camera Clubs)  medal for the best author on the Salon and FIAP blue badge

3xAFCC gold medal, 3x AFCC silver medal, 3 x AFCC bronze medal, 9 AFCC ribbons

3xNFFF gold medal, 3x NFFF silver medal, 3 x NFFF bronze medal, 9 NFFF ribbons

AFCC medal for the best photography on the Salon


Acceptances and result

Each participant will receive the Results card by email.